“You’re a f00l if you transfer one naira to ailing Jay Boogie” – Adetutu Balogun

“You’re a f00l if you transfer one naira to ailing Jay Boogie” – Adetutu Balogun

Adetutu Balogun Jay Boogie

Following a failed surgery, a social media activist by the handle Adetutu Balogun is urging internet users to refuse donations for Jay Boogie, the ill crossdresser.

Recall that Jay Boogie was admitted to the hospital following a botched buttock surgery that resulted in serious damage to the wound.

Adetutu expressed a different viewpoint to his cry for aid a few hours after lamenting that he had to waste his life savings on dialysis and had to ask for money.

The young woman, instead of saving the life of a transgender woman who had surgery to get a buttlift, urged Nigerians to donate their money to other worthwhile causes like impoverished widows, motherless children, and others in a post on the X platform.

“If you transfer one naira into this account, while ignoring the widows and motherless children that can’t feed themselves you are a FOOL!” she wrote.

The post has since generated tons of reactions, many agreeing with her while others rubbished her standpoint.

Reactions as Adetutu Balogun urges Nigerians not to donate to Jay Boogie

keneben1 said: “When he was about doing reckless surgeries cus he wants to be like a woman.. me no get 1 naira.. just praying for healing.”

Ifysunshine12 stated: “I still feel pity for him though….I hope he has learnt a lesson…God can not be mocked.”

Airdropglobal5 penned: “Far be it from me to revel in another person’s misfortune, but obviously good health is not a priority for this person. You flaunt your BBL and then tearfully beg people to donate money for your daily dialysis? So that’s a no from me.”

aetubom noted: “But this she/him was already looking like a woman infact even better than some women, what else was sh going to do again 😳.”


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