You are an inspiration to many young people- Destiny Etiko lauds Toyin Abraham

destiny etiko toyin abraham

Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko praised her elder colleague Toyin Abraham for being a fantastic role model.

She posted images and videos of herself with the actor on Instagram and congratulated the movie star on her new project, stating it is already a success.

Destiny praised Toyin for setting a good example for many people, especially young people.

She showed her love and highlighted how well the single mother is doing.

“Hey MAMI.
You’re such an inspiration to so many young people out there.
You are doing so well ma.
And we love you.

A big congratulations on your FILM.
It’s already a Hit”.

Destiny Etiko speaks on betrayals

In other news, the people Destiny Etiko once loved and sacrificed a lot for have broken her heart.

She asserts that despite making numerous sacrifices and possessing a magnificent heart, the people she loved and gave her everything to have constantly injured it.

The only distinction is that, as there are no sequels in life, she moves forward without looking back when she makes the decision to do so.

Ruby Ojiakor sobbed as she received a significant film part alongside Toyin Abraham.

After getting chosen out of thousands to act in Toyin Abraham’s future film production, Ruby Ojiakor had lately shed tears of joy.

Ruby thanked Toyin for her admiration in a video she posted on Instagram, in which she could be seen sobbing uncontrollably on the ground.

She noticed that even though many people, both local and foreign, had made fun of her for being too foolish, Toyin had decided to put her in charge of a project with a global scope.

She expressed her gratitude to the director and to her Creator for the chance.