Why I split up with my wife – Bolanle Ninalowo opens up on crashed marriage

bolanle ninalowo

A well-known Nigerian film actor Bolanle Ninalowo has opened up about what led to his marriage’s abrupt dissolution. The actor generated a flurry online after announcing his divorce from Bunmi.

In a moving article, the actor said that he had accepted the “reality of the end of a road.”

According to Ninalowo, the decision to leave his wife is crucial if only to ensure a happy and peaceful future. He also cites his mental health, his children, and other reasons as grounds for his decision, which made headlines a few days ago.

The actor expressed sadness for the situation in his message while also emphasizing the need for change and a better future.

The actor talked about how he destroyed his marriage in an interview with Chude Jideonwo that was published online. He noticed that his wife started to perceive him as an outsider in their home over time.

In his words:

“I felt too young years back, cheated often on my wife, I even broke her heart, and did many irritating things in my marriage, I was there for her because I focused more on my dreams letting my marriage suffer.

“But I failed to remember that this was a human being who was recording her life’s events and experiences as well.

I changed into someone she no longer recognized. I eventually lost the ability to get her to answer my call. I no longer had influence over the woman I did because she was an adult.”