I once rejected a Range Rover Evoque car from a man — KieKie (Video)

kie kie

Popular content creator, Bukunmi Adeaga Ilori, professionally known as Kiekie, explains why she previously declined to accept a gift of a high-end Range Rover SUV during an interview with a well-known media, Toke Makinwa podcast

Toke enquired as to the most expensive gift she had ever been given but had to decline. In response, Kiekie said that she had received a Range Rover Evoque from an ex-partner.

She explained that it was around Valentine’s Day and the man had seemingly asked her in jest what she wanted. She replied that she was interested in the car, which was then brought to her door.

She turned down the Range Rover present since she knew her father would want her to wed him, but she couldn’t because he didn’t support her aspirations.

In the interview, Kiekie revealed that she was working as a tailor in Opebi at the time, and he once told her that after they got married, she would have to shut down her business by 2:00 p.m.

After hearing her response, Toke chuckled and maintained that she should have accepted the gift but continued to refuse to marry the man.

“When you know how to put a man to nice use, then he’s more functional.” – KieKie Insisted.

Reacting to this, some of her fans took to the comment section to share their thoughts over the statement he made. See comments below

Thermmytee: “Kie kies pov is entirely diff from tokes pov …the way kie kie talks you just know that lady was brought up well”

1st magician: ‘Funny, smart and collected! This is one of the female skit makers worthy of emulation by our young girl!”

Ayzne: ‘I totally agree with her… once you start collecting things from guys you’re automatically owing them, Not all guys anyway’

Priscilla_oluchi: I love her take. One has to be very wise and smart in dealing with suitors, it could sometimes get tricky if you aren’t smart enough. In a nutshell, wetin you know say you nor go chop, nor smell am.’

Mrchauw: ‘She rejected d gift to keep her sanity and dignity…problem is long throat makes some of u accept gifts in return d dude buys ur sanity’

Zain_Zainap: ‘There’s this thing some people still don’t understand;whenever you engage a person on any conversation and it takes too long,they will automatically start lying in between the conversations…I’m not saying she lying ‘

The.funmike: ‘I actually don’t blame you people that don’t believe a man really gifted her a car. Perhaps, you’ve never experienced such, but these things happen. The fact that you’ve not experienced it doesn’t mean the person who has, is lying.’