‘Why feature in movie you cannot share its flier?’ – Nattytunes asks gospel drama ministers.

Popular gospel film editor, Abiola Babatola more known as Nattytunes has taken to his Facebook page to address salient issues that has long time been overlooked among gospel drama ministers.

Nattytunes in a post made few hours ago has called on gospel drama ministers who are found on being involved in a gospel movie production and neglect helping the producer to share the movie fliers on their platforms.

According to him, one of the lowkey reasons many filmmakers call on well known faces as cast for thier productions is to use the influence of the cast to push thier projects’ publicity, yet the get disappointed.

Speaking further, he suggested that deals between producers and cast should move from honoraria to contracts that are duely signed with conditions clearly stating what they stand to benefit from their appreances.

He also encouraged cast who take movie projects by growing ministries with levity to see every gospel film production as God’s given assignment partly committed into their hands by God and not mere men.

He finally encouraged gospel film producers to improve what they offer their cast in appreciation for their coming and also make their movie fliers more attractive so that it would encourage thier cast to share it without any iota of reservation.

In his words;

I think it is high time Christian Actors went for contracts rather than collecting honoraria.


I don’t understand how a Christian actor will accept a script, feature in a movie, and collect an honorarium(big or small) but refuse to share the movie fliers.

Do you know that most directors or producers cast you not only because of your acting skills but also because you can pull a crowd? They want you to use your presence and followership to publicise their movie.

Some will refuse to share the fliers they felt they could do as they wish or not bonded by a contract. Yes, you didn’t sign a contract or charge them, but you accepted to be on the project. Please, be your brother’s keeper.

If you think what they are offering is not worth it, please speak up. It will be bad to do the work of God with bitterness and grudges.

Let’s not forget the people that will come on set without studying their script. Is it because those who invited you are not your fathers’ in the Lord or your close associates? It’s bad!

Before you accept any role, please ask yourself if you will be able to support the project positively.

To the producers, please make all your demands before giving anyone any role to avoid a story later. Also, stop paying them peanuts because they won’t complain.

Lastly, make your fliers more attractive so people can easily share them. The reason why some people don’t share your fliers is because they are not attractive.

Let us do the work of God with sincerity. Peace! Love you all!