Whoever rigs this election will die a painful [email protected]’ – Kenneth Okonkwo fumes, blasts INEC chairman

Kenneth Okonkwo

Veteran Nollywood actor turned politician, Kenneth Okonkwo has lambasted INEC chairman for allegedly rigging the just concluded presidential election in Nigeria.

Taking to his verified Instagram page, Okonkwo rained curses on the electoral body, claiming he is sure his presidential candidate, Peter Obi won in some states but declared otherwise.

“Whoever rigs this election against Peter Obi will die a painful [email protected] from the Almighty God and the time starts now. Just watch and see.

PeterObi defeated APC in the National Chairman polling unit, defeated APC in the DG of APC polling unit, defeated APC in Femi Gbaiabiamila polling unit, defeated APC in Lagos and throughout Nigeria and someone in INEC is telling us nonsense.

They will perish in most disastrous circumstances. This is one election they cannot steal by the grace of God. We moovee!!!” Kenneth Okonkwo wrote.

In another post, the seasoned Filmmaker added: “Prof Mahmoud will go down in history as the worst Chairman of INEC in Nigeria. The process of election is to accredit the voters, count the votes loudly and openly in front of everyone, paste the result on a conspicuous place in the polling unit, upload the hardcopy of the results unto the INEC portal, upload the results to the INEC server to the glaring view of all Nigerians.

In most states of Nigeria, nobody has displayed pasted copies of polling unit results anywhere. Collation of results was to be mere formality because before the results are announced by INEC at the collation centres, every Nigerian ought to have the results in his system via the already uploaded results.

Nobody has the uploaded results both hardcopy and figures 48 hours after voting. How come in Lagos, Rivers, FCT, South East, South South and most Northern States there was no code to transmit results but Ekiti State, where APC purportedly scored 201,494, as against 11,397 that was allocated to Labour, there was a code to transmit results and announcement made within 24 hours of election. It’s a shame.

We will have a new Nigeria, period!!!”