When my husband makes a mistake, he apologizes to me – Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe

mercy aigbe

Mercy Aigbe, a well-known Nollywood actress, has discussed the characteristics of her husband that make her fall more in love with him.

She claimed that her spouse was not your average Nigerian man with a big ego since he was always respectful and understanding in an interview with Punch News.

She said they were both obstinate, but they never argued needlessly and always accepted each other’s viewpoints.

She continued, “I fell more in love with him because he always apologized to me whenever he was wrong.”

She said,

“We are at odds. He and I both have a lot of stubbornness. We accept one other’s viewpoints, though, and we rarely get into pointless arguments.

Instead, we disagree rationally and don’t hold one another in lower regard thereafter. Every time one of us raises a point, the other person and I discuss it and choose the best course of action.

Our partnership is based on respect and mutual understanding, which has been beneficial for us.

He isn’t the domineering type and is rather very understanding. He is an effective leader because he listens well. He always listens when I speak. He makes an effort to convince me, and we come to an agreement.

His dark skin and smile are appealing. Beyond all else, I like the man. He is an extremely intelligent man who speaks frequently. I think it’s important to communicate in a relationship because it fosters understanding.

I dislike silent individuals. I wouldn’t understand how you are feeling or what you want me to do if you don’t communicate with me.

I also appreciate how understanding he is. He apologizes if he believes that he is in error.

He lacks the inflated ego of the typical Nigerian male. Despite being strict, he is not egotistical. I appreciate his strictness since it shows that he has morals and principles, which I find appealing.

He is also a wonderful father who adores kids. He enjoys providing comfort for everyone around him. He is also selfless. He is a terrific dude, to sum it all up.

For my hubby, I prepare meals. I carry out my wifely responsibilities. I always want my spouse and children, as well as everyone else in the house, to sense and enjoy my presence. Everybody is content whenever I’m home.

And they miss me a lot when I’m not around. I always make sure my family has delicious meals and other enjoyable experiences”