(Video): 4 months without child support – Portable’s 2nd Babymama, Keji, drags him to filth.

Keji, the second mother of Nigerian artist Portable, has taken to social media to express her fury at him for not carrying out his fatherly duties.

Recall how, in January, Portable had hinted that he and Keji might have a problem.

He cautioned his male admirers and followers in an Instagram post to stay away from women while showing chats between the mother of his second child, Keji, and another man.

A few months later, Keji revealed on her Instagram page that she was back with the singer despite their numerous arguments.

She wrote on her blog beside a photo of the Zazoo singer, “I’d rather spend one minute hugging him than live my life knowing I’ll never be able to.”

She spoke on TikTok in a live session and described how she had regularly asked Portable for money to care for their child but had never received anything in return.

Keji said that he hasn’t given them any money for their child’s care for the past four months. She continued by claiming that he had profited from her poise and reverence.

Portable, who was watching the live session, struggled to maintain composure when he threw back sunglasses at her.

She gave Portable a stern warning to behave responsibly and handle his own business while she was furious.