The power of intimacy and attention in marriage and in relationship

Intimacy and attention are two vital ingredients if you want your marriage to last and be peaceful. I have taken my time to speak with people who are single, divorced, married, in serious relationships, and in casual relationships. After much dialogue, interviews, questioning, and debate, it is safe to say that the power of intimacy and attention in marriage cannot be overemphasized.

This article will open your eyes and help you understand some of the reasons why some people cheat in marriage.

Intimacy is the feeling or atmosphere of closeness and openness towards someone else. This takes very close attention from someone, either for the sake of pleasure or to be helpful to each other.

Intimacy is the reason many relationships work fine, especially when both partners are so involved, but intimacy that is one-sided will struggle till it vanishes in marriage.

Intimacy involves deep communication, play time, study time, work time, sobering together, getting happy together, sharing amazing and rough moments together, and getting so used to it that you might not be able to live without it.

One of the reasons some relationships are not going as expected is because there is someone outside who gives more intimacy and attention than the person inside.

Intimacy and attention go so deep in the hearts of women that if you cut it short for a few moments, they feel left out and get angry.

Let’s quickly see a few important things we all need to know about why most people cheat in marriage, relationships, and stuff.

Everyone has a very common love language called intimacy. You want to be around someone who cares about you, whether you have something or not. If you are in a marriage or relationship, please don’t joke with intimacy. It might be a threat to your relationship.

If you are with someone who is clingy, don’t leave time for them to have another person have a good intimacy with them. Bestie things are nice only with the same gender, whether it’s in a marriage or relationship. The moment you have a relationship or marriage, keep away from your bestie whose gender is different from yours because it’s a threat to your relationship and marriage.

Intimacy outside of marriage and relationships is a big deal; don’t let anyone deceive you, especially with the opposite gender. You can trust your partner, but don’t trust the other one. It may not look like anything when you and your partner have no problem, but when you both do, it’s going to have good strength.

Don’t let your misunderstanding with your partner last long at all; do you know why? The outside intimacy may begin to generate less for itself and may cause your partner to cheat if care is not taken.

If you are in a relationship that you know will lead to marriage or that you really value, don’t play with intimacy and attention. If you do, your partner will get it from someone else. Apart from trust, loyalty, gifts, and the like, intimacy makes relationships and marriages stronger. That’s why people don’t know the secret of a good marriage’s happiness; they don’t joke with intimacy and attention.

If your partner is changing and doing what you really know is a big problem or threat to your relationship or marriage, it’s because the outer intimacy is working fine.

Don’t give space to outside intimacy; don’t allow besties; and avoid anything that will cause your man or woman to give better attention to someone else. It’s dangerous. Study your partner, please; if she or he is clingy, you have more work to do.

If you want your falling relationship and marriage to rise again, wake up to intimacy.

There is a big deal about intimacy.