Submit to him, If you want a man to behave like Mumu- Frank Edoho advices all the women in the world.

Frank Edoho

For those ladies with partners who desire to manage their husbands, Frank Edoho has revealed a secret.

In an interview with Tejubabyfaceoyelakin, Frank Edoho stated that the key to getting any male to do anything for a woman is for her to simply submit to him.

He also admitted that his wife always indulges him and defers to him. He revealed that he always gets the last word in conversations with his wife, which makes him highly value her.

“If you want  a man to be behaving like mumu it’s very simple, submit. Give him the authority.”

He also thought to mention that although it was his concept, no one was being forced to follow it.

See some reactions to the interview below.;

kiitas said; The key is to submit to a husband who values his wife as Christ did the church, says the speaker.

That is the section that is frequently omitted. Some women have little trouble submitting to a man who genuinely cares about them and displays it. It’s sad that occasionally people get preoccupied with the wrong people while accomplishing all these things. Marriage is enjoyable when two willing parties are involved in playing their parts well”

mr temidayo; “A woman and her husband have an unspoken understanding of respect and subordination that is concealed in the way he treats her.”

_jamsheila_; “Some guys may abuse the woman’s love and respect for them and start treating her like trash. This only works with a nice man, and a man with sense.”

ekomiami said; “When a woman is properly loved, she automatically submits to her sef. Stop making it sound like a job, you guys. It has earned it.

brandy ish; Submission is not a difficulty. The issue is that most males don’t comprehend it. If she doesn’t submit to them, they will abuse, enslave, and control her. I won’t submit to a lunatic”

Denrele Edun asked for Frank Edoho’s daughter’s hand in marriage, he replies

It was said that host Frank Edoho and media celebrity Denrele Edun got into a heated argument over Frank’s daughter during a lighthearted talk at an event.

Denrele Edun had jokingly requested Frank Edoho’s hand in marriage, teasing him about what he would do if he were the one to wed his daughter.

In response, Frank had asked, “On behalf of the real husband?”

“She gave me life” – Frank Edoho shares beautiful photo with wife

May 2023, recall that Frank Edoho had taken to his instagram page to share a cute photo of himself and his wife, Sandra Onyenaucheya Edoho.

He gushed over her, revealing that she gave him life.