Stop risking young people’s lives – Kate Henshaw calls for end of NYSC

Kate Henshaw calls for end of NYSC

Award-winning actress and fitness fanatic Kate Henshaw has called for the elimination of NYSC in a statement that has attracted public attention.

Her support for eliminating the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program is strong.

Henshaw, a supporter of youth empowerment and safety, has expressed some concerns over the risks that program participants who are underage now face.

Henshaw’s thesis casts doubt on the NYSC program because of its dwindling relevance, which was originally designed to foster unity, cross-cultural interaction, and national integration among young Nigerians.

As corps members are dispatched to various regions across the country during their service year, the actress expressed her concern for their safety.

Concerns about the viability of assuring corps members’ protection throughout the program have been raised in light of recent reports of security threats and events involving corps members in various places.

She posted this on her Twitter.

Kate Henshaw Declares Enioluwa The Son She Never Had

Remember how Senior Man covered the touching mother and son conversation that ensued between Enioluwa and Kate Henshaw a few months ago? On his verified Instagram, Enioluwa posted pictures of himself and Kate Henshaw along with a sweet statement about how close they are as mother and son.

On her Instagram account, Kate posted touching pictures of herself with him to express her love for him.

Kate says that because she cannot express her attraction to Enioluwa, he is like the child she never had.

Kate prayed for him and wrote a caption for the photo.