“Smoking of shisha can cause br€ast cancer” – Dr Aproko

Well-known social media personality Dr. Aproko has issued serious breast cancer health warnings to his female followers.

The Aproko doctor claims that hookah smoking, also known as shisha, can raise a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer.

Although smoking shisha has become more common among young people as a social activity, it is well known to have several harmful health repercussions.

Breast cancer risk can be increased by environmental variables, such as smoking, even though the disease is frequently linked to genetics and lifestyle factors including food and exercise.

Contrary to common opinion, shisha can have significant health consequences, Dr. Aproko has emphasized.

Shisha use may alter bodily cells, increasing the possibility of cancer-causing mutations.

In Nigeria, where br€ast cancer is a leading cause of death for teenagers and young adults, this is particularly crucial.

Dr. Aproko advises young individuals to stay away from shisha to lower their risk of developing br€ast cancer. Even delectable variations, like pineapple, can mislead you about how safe they are.

Dr. Aproko claimed that hazardous substances are usually included in these flavors.

Dr. Aproko also offered helpful health advice regarding topics other than shisha.

He emphasized walking as a weight-loss method that is both efficient and healthy.

Dr Aproko also advices against the use of dirty sponges, stating that  kitchen sponge has more germs than toilet seat

Aproko doctor advices many who may not have given the potential hygiene risks in their kitchens any thought

Aproko Doctor noted that due to their occasional replacement, kitchen sponges have a propensity to amass frightening amounts of germs.

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