Singer Mohbad reportedly died of an ear infection.

The death of singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Alabama, often known as the Mohbad, at the age of 27 left the entertainment industry in sadness.

His untimely demise, according to the article, was caused by an ear infection.

According to sources close to the late singer’s family and friends, Mohbad died as a result of complications brought on by a serious ear infection.

The information has shocked the music industry and left fans in shock.

After sources close to the singer’s team revealed the circumstances behind his passing, the tragic news of Mohbad’s death was made public.

Mohbad visited a hospital on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, complaining of an ear infection.

Early in the morning, he bravely made his way to the hospital, expecting to get some help for his agony.

Mohbad was given an injection as part of his treatment plan as soon as he arrived at the medical institution.

To the surprise of his family and friends, the musician, however, fainted immediately after receiving the injection and tragically did not survive.

This information was revealed shortly after the singer’s passing was first reported.