“She use to read her bible everyday” – Pere reveals what attracted him to Mercy Eke

Pere reveals what attracted him to Mercy Eke

Reality TV star Pere Egbi recently opened up about what drew him to Mercy Eke in a candid interview with Miracle OP.

Pere revealed that one of the major factors that attracted him to Mercy was her strong faith and love for God.

He explained that he often witnessed Mercy reading her Bible in the Big Brother house, and this made a profound impression on him. He admired her dedication to her faith and recalled moments when she would express her desire to pray, even as they grew closer during their time in the house.

Pere emphasized that Mercy’s commitment to her faith played a significant role in bringing them closer because he, too, held a deep love for God. He found it intriguing that someone who might not fit the stereotype of a devout believer, based on her dressing and speech, could be so devoted to their faith.

In a related development, Uriel, another of their Big Brother colleagues, expressed her joy and support for Pere and Mercy’s love. Uriel, a friend of Pere, shared her happiness for him, emphasizing that love is a beautiful thing.

Her warm words of encouragement further underscore the positive reception their relationship has received within their circle.

Recall that Kemi Filani had very recently previously reported on White Money’s reaction to Mercy and Pere’s romantic involvement. While in the Big Brother house, White Money and Mercy had their own ship, which included moments of affection and even kissing.

However, Mercy clarified upon leaving the house that her connection with White Money was purely an alliance and not a romantic one.

This statement seemingly had an impact on White Money, as he was recently seen in the company of a new girlfriend at various events.

These public appearances alongside his new girlfriend have led some netizens to speculate that White Money’s actions may be an attempt to regain attention or make a statement following Mercy’s decision to pursue a romantic relationship with Pere.


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