Rivers fisherman catches giant sea mammal, people celebrate him (PHOTOS)

Rivers fisherman catches giant sea mammal, people celebrate him (PHOTOS)

An unidentified Rivers state fisherman has caught a giant sea creature. NigerDelta Insider shared pictures of the massive catch on Facebook alongside the jubilant fisherman.

According to the media outlet, the big catch is a manatee, named Asanima in the local dialect, and was done by the man who hails from Ogbolobolo community in Ahoada West LGA, Rivers State. It was reported that the fisherman was celebrated by people in his community for the catch.

As seen in the pictures shared, the fisherman sat on the manatee with a soft drink in hand while people gathered around him.

What is a manatee?

According to National Geographic, manatees are large, slow-moving animals that frequent coastal waters and rivers.

These attributes make them vulnerable to hunters seeking their hides, oil, and bones. Manatee numbers declined throughout the last century, mostly because of hunting pressure.

People advocate for such sea creatures to be preserved

Piriye Dobini said: “These are species to be preserved because they are going into extinction. Let us protect our environment please.”

Nathaniel A. Ngerebara said: “Living things like this should not be killed, but preserved!”

Umanah Iniodu said: “We caught the small one last week for my side, very sweet and tasty .”

Dickson Dibiah said: “Hunger….Nothing like protection of wild life Again in Nigeria.”

Raphael Nwokama said: “Well-done brotherman, wishing you many more wins IJN.”

Richman Igwe Uzuobor said: “That man should be awarded the best fisherman ever liveth in this part of the world .”

Deborah Abbey said: “Seals should be preserved in our area and not killed and eaten. I come in peace oooo.”

Dagogo Achese said: “This particular sea mammal is almost in extinction, we need to preserve some of these things for future generations to come.”

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