POS operator loses his life for 20k charges over 70k withdraw

POS operator loses his life over outrageous service charges

A Nigerian lady on Twitter with the handle FolaLagos has confirmed that a POS operator in her area was beaten to death because of POS charges.

According to her, the POS operator had placed a charge of twenty thousand naira for seventy thousand naira withdrawal which attracted the wrath of passersby.

In her tweet she said:  “They beat one POS guy to death in my folks area that wanted to charge 20k for 70k withdrawal.”

She confirmed that the man was beaten to his untimely death because the service charge was too outrageous and people in the area expressed their anger by beating and further killing him.

Netizens were shocked at this news and expressed disbelief as one SenatorT asked “wait, to death?” . Reacting to the question, she confirmed clearly once again: “Yeah, he died.”