Nigerian lady demolishes mother’s old house, builds bungalow (Video)

a lady-build-bungalow-mum.jpg

On the same plot of land where her parents’ previous house formerly stood, a Nigerian woman by the name of Chizzy built a brand-new residence.

Instead of renovating the dilapidated house her parents had lived in before, she decided to build a bungalow for her mother.

Chizzy shared a number of pictures on Twitter showing the old house being torn down and the new one being built.

She acknowledged doing it for her mother and thanked God for enabling her to complete the construction project.

Chizzy said that although her father is past due, if he had been alive, she would have bought him a car when asked by online users if she had not done it also for him.

She captioned the images; “I did it for Mama🤗 🥰🥰 Glory be to God for helping & seeing me through on this project, I am so grateful.” See her tweet below: