Naira Scarcity: Checkout the moment spider woman uses her talent to jump the queue and enters the banking hall (Video)

A video that reveals the moment a grown up woman channeled her inner spider woman and by extension jumped the queue to enter the banking hall has surfaced online and by extension generated several reactions.

This reaction from the woman using her talent to jump the long queue comes comes following scarcity of the newly redesigned naira note making it difficult to for people to sort out their daily needs.

Over the past few weeks, naira scarcity has become one of the most trending conversations online as unavailability of these new naira notes resulted into low volume of money in circulation that has created lots of hardship in the country.

Also, banks inability to make the new naira notes that are being accepted as the legal tender in the market readily available for the citizens after the deadline date (February 10th) has been reached make things worsened in the country and further results into fights, protests among Nigerians.

In the video making the rounds, a grown up  woman who is deeply in need of new naira notes to take care of her family needs decided to risk her life so as to be able to meet up with her target in an environment filled with long queue ready to enter the Access bank banking hall and have their money.

The woman managed to get social media buzzing with her quite heavy weight, as she displays her spider man skills then jump over the queue into the banking hall in Imo State, Owerri.

Sharing the video, actor Adima Somadina via his Instagram page wrote, “See what this woman has to go through just to get into the bank & get money to feed her family ,her own money she put in the bank ..this is funny but it’s our reality and it’s really sad to see 🥹.”

See reactions below;

siruti:  It’s not funny at all!!…. But 🥺🥺🫢🫢🤭😬😀😃😄😁😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

omotayo_tboy:  See what Emefiele and Buhari has reduced the great people of Nigeria to. This is unacceptable and sad 😢😢.

callmedamy: She didn’t know she has spiderman ability until now 😂.

angelaeguavoen: Hey God! Buhari’s administration has brought the Spider-Man in Nigerians out🤦🏼‍♀️💔.

officialbobbyfredrick__: Chai.. person mama struggling to get access to access bank 💔💔.

tonia.gram_: Omo. That woman on yellow skirt don do free show 😩.

wale_astro: Ordinary cashless policy o see what Nigerians turned themselves to😂.

Watch the video below;