My husband advised me to have surgery – Real Warri Pikin finally opens up about her weight loss transformation

real warri pikin

A Nigerian comedian by the stage name of Real Warri Pikin, Anita Alaire Afoke Asuoha, has finally spoken up about her extraordinary battle with weight loss and revealed how she was able to shed so many pounds so quickly.

Her shocking weight loss took her instagram followers by surprise as many who were used to her old body found the new body unbelievable.

The well-known Nigerian woman recently made a significant post on YouTube where she shared an emotional video and disclosed the truth about her metamorphosis. She acknowledged having undergone weight loss surgery.

Warri Pikin recognized that making the decision to have the operation was difficult and took a lot of guts on her part. She openly admitted that her choice was affected by her husband’s health issues, showing that it was ultimately a life-or-death situation.

Warri Pikin continued by outlining the real reasons behind her decision. She said that her husband, Ikechukwu, had complete support for her decision and was the one who ultimately convinced her to get the surgery.

She said:

“I will cry, I went back to the gym, it was like January 2023, and it was such a difficult moment for me because my husband Ikechukwu insisted I do surgery.”

It became a really difficult period for me as I tried to decide whether to get weight loss surgery in order to help me lose weight and be healthy. I would exercise, I would eat correctly, but my eyes would turn because I couldn’t chop what I was supposed to chop.

It was such a challenging moment for me because while everyone else around me had made up their minds, I was still attempting to act casually.

In the end, I simply made the hardest decision of my life and underwent weight loss surgery after saying to my baby, “Baby, I’m ready, let’s do this.” 

“Your new body is dope” – Real Warri Pikin shares banging body in new instagram post

A mind-blowing bodily makeover by comedian and internet star Anita Osuoha, also known online as Real Warri Pikin, reportedly surprised her followers.

Anita’s supporters began constantly bringing up her weight reduction journey in their conversations as a result of her apparent physical transformation, which quickly became a popular topic of discussion. Others remarked on the obvious change, and some even claimed that with her new appearance, she could easily pass for a size 12.