“Mr Ibu’s wife wanted to use the donations to do butt surgery, buy iphone 15” – Verydarkman blasts Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris

verydarkman mr ibu

An activist, Verydarkman, has disclosed how Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris, intended to spend the funds for her husband’s treatment.

Mr Ibu’s wife was chastised on social media for complaining about being prevented from receiving donations for her husband’s treatment.

Verydarkman, an avid reporter on Mr. Ibu’s health issues, took to social media to post a video in which he lamented Stella’s insensitivity to her husband’s plight.

He said that when the money reached N40 million, Stella Maris demanded that some of it be handed to her so that she may buy the latest iPhone 15.

Furthermore, he stated Stella has been requesting money for her upkeep, arguing that she is a young lady who should take care of her body and other such things.

Verydarkman further alleged that when N1M was eventually granted for her and her children’s maintenance, she spent a big portion of the money on a butt pad, which she frequently rocked to the hospital.

Verydarkman revealed new demands for Stella, including a car and money for butt surgery, while her husband is very ill and fighting for his life.

Stella’s lifestyle and activities, he claims, are the primary reasons she has been denied access to money supplied by others.

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