Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter, Jazmine, gives update on ailing actor’s health

Jazmine Okafor, the renowned comic actor’s adopted daughter, dropped some nuggets of information on Mr. Ibu’s health via Instagram this past Tuesday.

She laid it out plain and simple that Mr. Ibu, who’s currently duking it out with an undisclosed ailment, has already undergone not one, but two successful surgeries.

In her post, she revealed that despite the surgeries, the film star was in high spirits, dishing out jokes as if nothing had even ruffled his feathers.

Jasmine also shared her excitement that the actor appeared to be in better shape than he was three weeks ago.

“Never seen anyone so strong… even after two major surgeries, you were still trying to be funny like nothing happened, even in your lowest you still cracked jokes!” she wrote.

“I promise you, if there’s a God in heaven, you are getting out of this bed, stronger and alive. This is the strongest I have seen you in 3 weeks and I’m so excited! Fight this and get well soon, sweet papa.”



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