“Mohbad lied, Sam Larry didn’t attack him” – Naira Marley’s lawyer debunks rumor of assault in old video

An unnamed Nigerian lawyer in a recent video claimed that Sam Larry did not attack Mohbad, the late Nigerian singer, during a video shoot in Lekki.

Gistreel had previously reported the arrest of Sam Larry by the Nigerian Police, as well as the arrest of Naira Marley and a few other persons in connection to the death of Mohbad, who died on September 12, 2023.

Speaking about Naira Marley in a chat with Daddy Freeze, the unnamed lawyer maintained that nothing can be found implicating Naira Marley in Mohbad’s death.

His statement: “As for Naira Marley, I believe very strongly that no matter how hard you look, you will not find a single incident where Naira Marley bullied him.”

“As for Sam Larry, what I understand from speaking to his lawyer and speaking to him directly is that, I think, sometime in June 2023, he came to Elegushi Beach for something else.”

I think they told him some people were shooting a video somewhere around the beach, and as someone involved in promoting music, he wanted to be part of that activity.”

“As soon as he got there, he didn’t know it was Mohbad. If you look at the video, he said, ‘It’s even you, sef,’ when he saw it was Mohbad.”

“That was the first thing he said to prove that he didn’t know the person who was there. Immediately after that, he said Zlatan got up to stop him from approaching Mohbad.”

He went on to add that Mohbad was not attacked by Sam Larry in the video and that there’s a longer version which he will make public to Daddy Freeze.

Meanwhile, concerned individuals have flooded the comment section of the post to share their views on the matter.

See some reactions:

Tmanfactor: “‎I don’t know people are saying they paid him, why can’t Zlatan come out to counter this man,you people are to emotional.”

Alero: “‎If you lie for mohbad head na you know wetin you dey fine.”

bamideleogunsanya: “‎What do you want the lawyer to say?To side mohbad?He has being paid.”

ORACLE: “‎E no go better for this lawyer for saying that Sammy Larry don’t know is mobad that was shooting.”

Ag ben8: “‎See this man with big head na empty skull no brain inside God go punish u to say thia rubbish.”

El chapo: “‎This is petition they change after the death of mohbad. We know how things go in Nigeria.”

ThatFineYorubaTechBro: “‎They will say anything now cause Imole is not here to defend himself.”

bbygirlforlife1: “‎Make una Dey play law court is different from social media emotions and sentiments if any one of us sure they should go and testify against them in ct.”



No Matter How Hard You Try, You Can’t Pin Anything On Naira Marley, His Lawyer Says.

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