Man reveals how his pretty friend changed after becoming pregnant. (Photos)

Social media users expressed anxiety in response to a beautiful woman’s physical transformation as a result of her pregnancy. A Twitter user using by the handle @kikimasibi posted old and recent pictures of the woman who he claimed to be his acquaintance.

The woman had a truly wonderful and naturally beautiful appearance prior to becoming pregnant. But a few months after becoming pregnant, she noticed a startling swelling of her face.

Also included in the message was a picture of her feet, which had been so swollen that some mistook it for a medical issue.

Kiki Masibi captioned the photos: “Pregnancy did a number on my friend ‍yeses”

See the post and comments below:

@mozcreature; Bruh this why I’m scared of pregnancy man… whatttt
@JajaPhD; Looks like preeclampsia but I may be wrong. I hope she has accessed medical care.
@sweeettrevenge; I get convinced everyday how I’m not ready to get pregnant

@Annette_Adelia; If I was her I would never forgive that man.
@Blkbro; How far along is she? This kind of swelling can also be a symptom of pre eclampsia — a medical emergency. ( And please I’m not diagnosing her or anything)

@nkundlamajozi; This is bad I had a friend who reacted like this twice she miscarried and the third time she passed away.

Nigerian Lady Shares Pregnancy Transformation

After posting pictures of herself while pregnant and after giving birth, a Nigerian woman prompted internet debate. She revealed how pregnancy altered her and caused her to seem different from her typical self by sharing the transition images of herself.

She appeared to have a large nose and a puffy face in the pregnancy images she provided. Looking at her after pictures, though, revealed that the lovely lady had reclaimed her beauty. This occurs shortly after another woman displayed an incredible metamorphosis after giving birth.

The woman known only as Aderonke highlighted in the trending video how much pregnancy altered both her physical appearance and the color of her skin.