Less than 2years in marriage, my husband beats me whenever he’s angry – Young Nigerian woman cries out

A young Nigerian woman, identified as Uju Perpetual, has cried out online about being abused by her husband

A woman who posted about her situation on Facebook stated that only two years into her marriage she is still experiencing domestic abuse.

Uju claims that whenever she provokes her husband, he will physically hurt her.

She admitted that she wants to end the marriage but isn’t sure if she’s making the correct decision.

“My marriage is not up to 2 years, and my husband beats me whenever he gets angry. Any slight misunderstanding he barks at me and even beats me. And I want to quit the marriage, don’t know if am making the right choice?” she wrote on a Facebook group on Thursday, February 23.


Kingsley Okonkwo, a well-known priest, has been tweeting a fascinating question concerning adultery in relationships and marriages.

When cheating occurs, a number of factors should be considered, according to Pastor Okonkwo, who is well known for his teachings on marriage and relationships. These factors include whether the parties involved are married or just dating, whether the cheat in question was caught or confessed, and whether they are ready to change or are on the defensive.

He contends that adultery recovery counseling is necessary for all types of infidelity, including verbal, emotional, and physical intercourse.

He wrote;
“Please should a cheating partner be forgiven and taken back?
Depends = * Are you married or relationship * Was he/she caught or they opened up * Are they ready to change or defensive.
Most people make the mistake of apologizing, forgiving and moving on after infidelity
Infidelity of any kind (texts, emotional or actual intercourse) requires infidelity recovery counseling
The relationship/marriage, the offender and the offended all will need healing or else further damage will be done”