“Learn to chew your swallow properly”- Aproko doctor advises Nigerians

“Learn to chew your swallow properly”- Aproko doctor advises Nigerians

Aproko Doctor has once again sparked public controversy in Nigeria, according to recent social media trends. In his most recent Instagram post, he proposed an unusual proposal, asking Nigerians to reassess their eating habits.


This time, his focus was on how they consume traditional Nigerian delicacies known as “swallows,” such as Eba and Pounded Yam.


The body can access and utilize nutrients more effectively if you take the time to completely chew food into smaller, more tiny particles before swallowing.


Furthermore, he stated that this method has the extra benefit of providing a quicker sensation of fullness, which will aid in the prevention of overeating.

Aproko Doctor also discusses the physiological side, emphasizing the importance of good chewing in the early stages of digestion within the mouth.


He reveals that insufficient chewing skips this critical stage, potentially influencing how our bodies ingest important nutrients.


Aproko Doctor’s explanation is that, although being referred to as “swallows,” these foods should not be ingested without hesitation.


He addresses the inherent design of the human body, which supports rapid nutrient absorption from well-chewed food.


The reaction to Aproko Doctor’s post has been mixed, with some people expressing difficulty to change long-standing swallowing patterns and adopt this new way of chewing their food.

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