Kano: Baby starved for days after mother passed away on election day without anyone noticing.

A woman identified as Aisha Ishaq, and her six-month-old son, have been found dead in their bedroom in the Yan Awaki area of Unguwa Uku, Nasarawa LGA of Kano State.

It was gathered that the corpses were discovered three days after the woman was last seen in the neighbourhood.

According to Daily Trust, a leader in the community, Alhaji Ali Abdullahi Usman, said the woman, whose husband was a tanker driver, died on Saturday (Election day) but people didn’t notice until Monday morning.

Usman said her neighbours alerted other residents when they didn’t see her for almost four days and that they perceived odour oozing out from her house.

He said, “When they informed me, I went and informed the police. We climbed inside the house with a ladder.

After breaking the door, we found her and her son dead inside the mosquito net on her bed. Her body was already rotten.

“For her son, although he too died, his body didn’t decay. It seems he died a day ago or so.

He was suspected to have died of hunger because the mother died and there was no food to eat.”

He added that they took the corpses to the hospital in company of the police.

Also speaking, a neighbour, Abubakar Muhammad, said, “The woman was ill. Her husband, Abubakar Muhammad, felt it was a minor illness so he travelled.

People knew about her sickness but it did not come to our minds to check her house.”