Judy Austin unfollows Destiny Etiko, Sarah Martins on IG for publicly supporting May Edochie.

Controversial Nollywood actress Judy Austin has discontinued her friendship with Sarah Martins due to her developing affinity to the Edochie family.

This has happened since Sarah Martins publicly renounced her support for Judy Austin amid the quarrel over her marriage to Yul Edochie.

Sarah passionately defended Judy’s connection with Yul when Rita Edochie, Pete Edochie’s sister-in-law, objected to their union. Yul is a married man.

Later, Sarah reconciled with Rita Edochie and apologized publicly in an Instagram video, vowing to stop encouraging misconduct.

Due of Rita Edochie and May Edochie’s reunion, Judy Austin unfollowed her ex-closest friend, Sarah and Destiny Eiko (for drumming support for May Edochie) on Instagram and also deleted every post that includes Sarah’s handles. She also deleted the birthday post she made recently.

Remember how May threatened to sue actress Sarah Martin for using manipulated images by squeezing her estranged husband, his second wife, Judy Austin, and new kid, Star, onto May and her family’s Christmas shot a few months ago?

She revealed on her Instagram page that she has instructed her attorneys to sue Sarah Chukwukere for posting a shattered image of her and her children.

Expressing her dissatisfaction, she wrote,

“Smearing someone, especially someone you didn’t know well, is impolite and disrespectful. My family has always been content, happy, and loving.

I put in countless hours for years, developing a lovely home and running multiple enterprises successfully.

She remarked, calling attention to the perpetrators and those who dare to do the same, “My legal team would be delighted to have a meal with anyone who does not stop using character assassination or defamatory publications in court.”

May published the court’s writ, which ordered the actress to retract a defamatory article and issue a public apology.

Daddy Freeze, a well-known media figure, may also threaten to sue Sarah for a “false and injurious” statement he made about her during an Instagram live session.