“I’ve been battling hypertension for over 40 years”: Veteran actor Oga Bello

femi adebayo salami

Femi Adebayo’s father, ‘Oga Bello’ speaks on battling hypertension

Adebayo Salami, also known as Oga Bello, a Nollywood actor and film producer, opens out about his ongoing health difficulties with hypertension.

This renowned actor said in an exclusive interview with the Nigerian Tribune that he has been suffering from hypertension for almost four decades.

Femi Adebayo’s father realized that rising age frequently comes with it a variety of health difficulties, and he has come to terms with this truth. Nonetheless, he voiced his yearning for divine assistance to assure his continued good health.

Oga Bello stressed that, despite his health issues, he is still able to create and appear in films and intends to do so in the future.

Addressing his health condition, he shared that he has been grappling with hypertension since the age of 28.

“At this age, I still have the ability to produce and act in movies. In fact, I just finished producing my movie. It is a fact that you can’t attain this age and not nurse one ailment or the other.

“I have been battling with hypertension for more than 40 years and I have lived with it. To God be the glory, I am still alive and well. I will continue to pray to God for grace to live the rest of my life in good health and happiness,” he stated.


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