It‘s wrong for a wife to do her husband’s laundry with washing machine – South African man.

According to Shandu Kani, a South African man, it is improper for a woman to machine wash her husband’s clothes. He declared that a lady who uses a washing machine to do her husband’s laundry is insulting to him.

While Shandu admitted that things had changed on his Twitter page, he argued that some family values must still be upheld.

According to him, a woman’s refusal to wash her clothing by hand indicates that she is not interested in working hard for her husband because marriage demands sacrifice.

Shandu, however, stated that this was just his view and he did not anticipate men would demand this of their spouses.

He tweeted; “I know times have changed, but you can’t wash your husband’s clothes with a machine, it’s pure disrespect to your husband, ask elders they’ll tell you.

 Marriage is hard work, and if you’re using a washing machine it means you don’t want to work hard for your husband. It’s my own personal opinion, I am patriarchal and I believe in patriarchal marriages !!!


However, I am not in any way advocating marital abuse, a woman shouldn’t be abused, women are a gift from God, they should be cherished, protected and loved.”

In reaction, @AugustaCookey1 wrote; Problem e no dey finish!! God thank you for the husbands wey we marry sha!

@novo_jatiti231; I even prefer washing my clothes myself. Marriage shouldn’t subject anyone to Slave and Master.

@Sir_Nuyon23; Even me i can’t wash my clothes not to talk of giving it to my upcoming wife don’t get me wrong this is not about laziness i just hate washing my clothes that is why we have dry cleaners is that simple Bruh cos i can’t see you’re speaking from the 17th century.

@LahwhalP; I know times have changed, but u can’t withdraw money for ur wife from the machine, it’s pure disrespect to ur wife, ask old pple they’ll tell u. Marriage is hard work, and if you’re using the machine it means u don’t want to work hard for ur wife. U have 2enter the bank & queue

@Mr_Yomadey; Na slave trade set be this, just leave am
@PeterDe24744433; After she wash the clothes finish make she use hand fan take blow am dry hard working wife Kee u dier
@Big_drrim; Shey you don even see the wan way go cook first talk less of cloth

Woman tackles husband after he brought his ex-wife home 8 years after their divorce

In another related update, a Ngerian woman and her husband got into a furious argument after he reconnected with his ex-wife and brought her to their home. She claimed that eight years ago, the woman’s marriage to her husband, with whom she had a kid, came to an end.

The ex, however, found her way to their town during their most recent journey home and informed the man that she want to see his son. She met her mother-in-law there, who gave her a tour of the property, and he led her to his family’s home.

The current wife’s husband was upset that his wife did not provide his ex with some refreshments or otherwise amuse her after they had met and exchanged niceties inside the home.

This annoyed the woman, who later reprimanded him for stalking his ex and suddenly getting too cozy with her. “My husband was formerly married and had a son with his ex wife after they got divorced and the bride money was returned,” she said. Eight years later, we were wed.

I was informed yesterday after returning from a traditional wedding that my husband’s ex-wife had visited the house and requested to see her son. My husband stated she came around when I questioned him about how she learned we were at the village, and he said he doesn’t know.

He began by telling me how she adored him and would never make fun of him, how the husband she had was not the one she had desired, and other details about her life. When I questioned him about how he learned so much about her life, he replied that she had told him.

My husband informed me this morning that he was going to town. After some while, he returned with the ex and informed me that he had seen her heading toward the house. Later, as I was washing clothes in my section of the home, my mother-in-law and the ex-husband came over to say hello. I welcomed them and asked if she would like to sit down, but she declined, saying she was there to visit my mother-in-law. As a result, they left.

After her visit, my husband informed me that he wanted to accompany her to the city in her car, as he had earlier driven her there. I was alone when he returned this evening, adding, “So you’ve finally seen my ex-wife, but you didn’t even give her a chair or a drink when she came, you didn’t even smile.”

I was indignant when I heard this allegation, so I asked him how he knew I hadn’t offered her a chair when she arrived because you were downstairs. Is that the reason you followed her around when she arrived, talked to her in-depth yesterday about everything going on in her life, and even drove her to the nearest town in her car.

I told him he knows it will make me furious but still went ahead and did it to show her off and follow her to go and welcome everyone; perhaps if it’s the other way around he won’t complain. He started ranting, asking if that was enough of a reason for me to get angry. Am so pissed right now. Please i want to know if i over reacted.”