It is not all gifts you collect – Mike Bamiloye to gospel ministers

mike bamiloye 22

When you are in the ministry for what to eat and drink for what to get and reap and gather, you will soon miss the track. It is the spirit of the perilous times…

When you are in the realm of power, but your attention is in the realm of materialism, and not on how much you want to impact lives of the multitudes, you would soon collect leprous gift, that would entrap the calling and the ministry in your hand.

Can you imagine the next prophet of the land sacrificing that for two change of raiment and one talent of silver

Many are following influential men of god only for material things they will gain from them, some are following some famous men of god just for connections to higher places and people.

This is the same error of Achan who forfeited the land of Canaan because of a Babylonian garment and small talent of gold. It is not every opportunities you see in ministry you fly upon.

There are times, the Lord would command you to set your victories and breakthrough on fire as a burnt offering. There are times you would conquer Jericho without taking any spoils out of it.

If you would overcome the spirit of the last days as a minister of god who want to fulfill purpose at this end time,:

  1. Learn to know when the devil is tempting you to turn stones to bread.
    2. Turning every opportunity to divine provisions.
    3. Foolishly believing every open door is from god

It is not everything you turn to money. If you would overcome at this last days and fulfill God’s divine agenda: You must know:

– the gift to collect and gift not to collect,

– the offer to take and the offer to reject.

– to learn not to be moved by material things.

– to learn not to be controlled by money.

There are many in ministry today that are already lepers on the altar. They have turned stones to bread.

They have taken instructions from the devil, and they think they are smart wise in ministry but they have collected leprous gifts from Namaan