I will introduce a bill that will make it mandatory for autopsy to be done before a person is buried – Ned Nwoko reveals

Ned Nwoko

Nigerian businessman and philanthropist Ned Nwoko has stepped forward to address this urgent matter amid all of the rumors and growing worries surrounding the de th of Mohbad.

Nwoko made an important announcement on his Instagram page that could have broad ramifications for how de ths are handled in Nigeria. I’ll introduce a measure that will require an autopsy to be performed before a person is buried, he announced.

“Mohbad’s terrible and premature demise has brought up a number of concerns that need to be resolved right away. It is not appropriate to speculate about the circumstances of his demise or the cause of de th.

The state government should order an autopsy report right away, but more significantly, the police and the DSS should get involved right away. Before he was buried, this should have been completed, along with a report to the station for clearance.

In fact, I intend to introduce a bill that would require all around the country that an autopsy be performed within a certain amount of time before someone is buried, and that governments cover the cost of such studies. (Local and state governments) No one’s reason of de th should be subject to the irrational speculation of others. The wicked should be forced out, and the innocent must be safeguarded. Such circumstances inspire the creation of new legislation to improve national government.

The choice was made in light of recent reports that Mohbad’s body would be exhumed to allow for a thorough autopsy. Many believe that things other than natural causes may have contributed to his early de th, which necessitates a comprehensive inquiry.

Many people assumed that Nwoko’s wife Regina Daniels also played a role in bringing up the notion because her comment was posted with it.

Even though the details of the bill have not yet been made public, his speech has calmed many netizens’ concerns. If this bill is approved, it will guarantee that foreplay-related fatalities are thoroughly probed.