I regret going Abroad – Man who worked for 20 years in Canada says as he travels back home

A man has expressed sorrow for living and working in Canada throughout his middle years.

The man said that his life would have been much better if he had remained in his own country in a street-pop interview.

He asserted that he had to travel back to his home country and work there for seven years before his life began to improve. The man went on to add that he used the money he had made in his own country to pay cash for two homes in Canada.

Following numerous comments on the interview video on social media, it went viral.

Many people wondered why he returned to Canada if his home country was as good as he claimed.

Some reactions are shown below:

Ron Swansonesque “Canada was an amazing country. The last decade has not aged the country well at all. The governments are demolishing the middle class.”

Nabeela; “Starting to give up on Canada”.

Jaguaed: The best thing is, when you make enough money in abroad, leave the place and invest in your home country. If you stay there for too long, what you took there, you may not bring them back.

Lebetee: If only Nigerians can contribute for this man make e dey see small money dey hold body for some time. It is well with you o

Olumejo: I saw the video and I was shocked. How will you go abroad and come back with nothing. It is well with you.