“I pray not to marry a woman like her”: VeryDarkMan exposes Mr Ibu’s wife (VIDEO)

VeryDarkMan exposes Mr Ibu's wife

Popular Nigerian social media activist, Vincent Martins Otse aka VeryDarkMan, has taken to social media to expose actor John Okafor aka Mr Ibu’s wife.

Recall that social media was buzzing with drama after the movie star’s wife, Stellamaris Okafor, claimed a stranger, Jasmine, was interfering in her family’s affairs.

Shortly after that, VeryDarkMan who had actively solicited funds for the ailing actor, took to his social media page to react.

VDM started off by saying he doesn’t pray to marry a woman like Mr Ibu’s wife. He then went ahead to detail how Mr Ibu’s wife was more concerned about material things than her husband’s wellbeing.

According to the activist, when the money donated for the actor reached N40 million, Stellamaris started to ask for an iPhone 15 to be bought for her.

VDM said this was at the time they were still deciding on whether to cut off the actor’s leg or not. The activist revealed that Mr Ibu’s wife continued to say she’s still a young woman and she should be given some money to take care of herself and brush up her body because she wants to do her ‘backside’.

VDM claimed that people cautioned her because her husband was still on his sick bed. The dark man added that Stellamaris was later given N1 million for her to take care of her kids but she used a part of it to buy a bum pad and was rocking it around the hospital.

How Mr Ibu’s wife diverted funds

Also in the viral video, VeryDarkMan recounted how Mr Ibu’s wife diverted funds meant for her sick husband. According to him, a man came to the hospital to visit the ailing actor but his wife refused saying that he didn’t want to see anybody.

When she eventually allowed the man in, he wanted to donate money but the actor’s wife claimed the general account used for crowdfunding wasn’t working and that he should send it to her account instead.

It was gathered that the man sent N1 million to Mr Ibu’s wife but sent the bank receipt to the actor’s adopted daughter, Jasmine, and that was how they found out about the donation.

VeryDarkMan also went on to speak on how the actor’s wife told him to sell off his house in Ajah for N44 million and that he must give her nothing less than N25 million from the sale.

The dark man also claimed Mr Ibu once left their big house to stay with a friend in Ibadan in his one-bedroom apartment just to escape from his wife.

In the viral clip, the online activist recounted how they were at the hospital when the doctors were contemplating carrying out a surgery on Mr Ibu even before the actor’s leg was cut off but that they needed a family member to sign off on it.

However, the actor’s wife was not willing to sign, claiming that people would blame her if anything goes wrong and that Jasmine should sign it instead.

Jasmine is not in control of the donated funds – VeryDarkMan

VeryDarkMan finally shut down Mr Ibu’s wife’s claim about Jasmine being the one controlling the donations from the public. According to the activist, Jasmine actually doesn’t have control over the account but Mr Ibu’s second son is in charge.

The dark man claimed that the movie star actually went to the DPO of Ajah police station to make it known that his son would be in charge of the account and not his wife, Stellamaris.

The online activist also claimed that when the donations reached N40 million, Mr Ibu’s wife’s brother had called Jasmine and told them to share the money in four ways between him, Mr Ibu’s wife and her.

DarkMan then heavily blasted the actor’s wife for her incessant request for material things such as an iPhone 15, money to do her backside, a car and more since donations started to pour in from Nigerians.

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