I must meet him – Man begins trekking from Benue to Lagos to see Oga Sabinus (VIDEO).

Another ambitious Nigerian has started a similar journey after a man from Nigeria made a firm commitment to cycle to Lagos state in order to see Davido.

The individual going by the name of Kech Man recently pledged to walk from Benue to Lagos in order to meet famed comedian Sabinus.

Kech Man stated in fervently circulated videos that he is currently navigating the challenging terrain of Nasarawa, pushing onward with unshakable resolve through the pouring rain.

He desperately pleaded with his devoted supporters to post the movie online in an effort to make it popular till his favorite, Sabinus, learns of his unwavering mission.

In a chat a news media outlet, Kech Man, said that since he started the journey, he has been getting support in the form of sachet water and biscuit.

In his words:

“Since I began this journey, a lot of individuals have helped me out by giving me stuff like clean water, biscuits, and bread. Even though it takes me two years, I pray to get to Lagos. I have to speak with Sabinus privately.

The tenacious man who claimed to have a present for Sabinus shared various pictures documenting various stages from his voyage.”

‘Take it easy’ – Davido Express Concern as Fan Plans to walks from Taraba to Lagos to see Him

One of the biggest names in Afrobeats music, Davido, has shown genuine concern for a dedicated fan who is considering making the long journey from Taraba to Lagos simply to meet him.

By announcing a daring intention to travel 828 kilometers to be in Davido’s presence last Friday, a fan going by the moniker Dami4reign captured everyone’s attention.

Dami4reign used social media to stir up a hearty pot of requests for encouragement and well-wishes while also praying for a sprinkle of luck on his risky journey.

The Singer wrote;

“With leg, nah, Your body go tell you,”

The announcement follows one made on Thursday by a fervent follower who said he was now riding a bicycle from Benue to Lagos with the purpose of seeing Davido.

The musician stressed in his reply that he wasn’t at home at the time. In addition, he advised the enthusiast to turn around and return home.

The fan, who claimed to have already arrived in Benin, insisted on traveling to Lagos in order to see Davido.

Davido replied once more and reaffirmed his absence from Lagos. Nevertheless, he asked the biker for his bank account information.

The Afrobeats musician then suggested via a tweet that he is now in Croatia.