I had to sell some of my properties to produce Jagun Jagun movie – Femi Adebayo (Video)

Jagun Jagun Femi adebayo

Femi Adebayo, a well-known Yoruba actor, has opened out about the extra work he put into producing his most recent movie, Jagun Jagun.

In an interview, he acknowledged that he had to sell his properties in order to get the money for the film without the help of any individuals or businesses.

Femi Adebayo continued by mentioning that Jagun Jagun is a multi-billion naira company, but he would not say how much he personally donated to its support.

He admitted that his greatest fear is failing in his upcoming endeavor to overcome Jagun Jagun.

When he finished King of Thieves, he was confident that his subsequent project would surpass it, but that assurance has since diminished.

In his words;

Jagun Jagun was created with the Agbeshinkole profits in a bid not to be supported by anybody or financial institution. It got to a stage, I had to sell off some of my houses and cars so that the movie project would be a success”.

The thought of having to attend Jagun Jagun for my upcoming production is my biggest fear” – He said; 

“We created the warrior school from nothing. We were compelled to take on the challenge of buying the land because we desired to be its owners. At one point, we reached a deal and paid for it, but the land’s owner’s children later had second thoughts about the deal.

When the students from Lagos ordered us to halt, we were halfway through building the school.

When we went to the police station and Obas appealed to them, they were ready to destroy everything we had done and had kept us from moving forward for about a week. We were then advised to merely shoot there and not buy it.

Speaking about his inspiration, he said the movie was inspired by how the environment has affected Nigerian youths.

“To share the message and the way forward, I had to come up with the movie Jagun Jagun”.

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