I had to move to my father’s house because I couldn’t afford rents – Regina Chukwu emotional as she acquires a new house

Regina Chukwu, a Nollywood actress, has become emotional over her new home. The mother of two used her Instagram account to describe how difficult being a single mother after the passing of her husband and children’s father was for her.

Regina recalled how, after her husband passed away, she was forced to move into her father’s home because she couldn’t afford the rent. She admitted that among other things, she had to share a room with her numerous siblings and parents and sleep outside under mosquito netting.

However, today, her story has change and God has blessed her and her kids with a house of their own. “GOD DID IT!!!! REGINA AND HER KIDS are right here to give a thanks back to the MOST HIGH.

I am all sort of emotion this morning, having contemplated if I should post this here or not. It’s took me a whole lot thinking before posting this and that was because I remember widows like me I could be encouraged with this win.

Yes I did it!! My kids finally have a house they can call their OWN. Regina Chukwu recounts past experiences as she buys new house. I remember how we had to move back to my father’s house 3yrs after I lost their father (cos I couldn’t pay the rent no more) it’s been 20yrs now.

I remember how we had to manage with my 5 biological siblings and 3 other adopted kids (of my parents).

I remember how I had to sleep outside with my mosquito net just cos the house was too hot for me. I remember how my kids grew tru it all. I remember everything right now as all dem’ memories are rushing back as I typed this right now.

Even the situation we live in right now (as we are yet to move into the new house) so many people won’t believe it. I just wanna thank the kind of children God has blessed me with. I want to thank my kind of parents and siblings (let me talk abt them in the next post).

I want to thank my adopted kids (ifoma, Emma, chinoye, and Chidera) hmmm this one’s ehen. I have a lot to say but for now. Thank you God 12months journey and I am here to say I A GRATEFUL.

……if you want to see more post, behind the scenes from day one of this project. Pls follow me on ticktock. Meanwhile, it all started with @tripplerglow. I am dedicating this to every single soul that has patronize d me till date. Y’all made this possible. Follow that page cos it’s abt get littllyyy there”.

Regina brags about her children’s upbringing

Anxious to be a proud mother, Regina Chukwu had previously stated that her late husband would be proud of her.

Regina Chukwu posted pictures of her visit to her daughter’s birthday party at Babcock University on her Instagram feed.

Regina Chukwu stated that she has many life tales to share but will postpone doing so or likely turn them into a movie. The mother of two continued by expressing her unwavering confidence that her late spouse would have been very proud of her.

She wrote: It’s been God all the way. That little girl, I left Enugu Nannka with that faithful day is now officially an adult That my amakamma of yesterday, hmmm God I am still in awe of your mercy … I honestly have a lot to say but I will leave it till sometime in future (make it into a movie or share it via my YouTube page as podcasts).

I am very sure Sunday is proud of me, I can beat my chest on that! Today has really been very emotional for me cos it’s almost Easter ( same period we lost their father) but I will be fine.

Regina Chukwu emotional as she acquires a new house