‘I don’t pity the girl’ – VeryDarkBlackMan speaks on the ritualist boyfriend who k!lled his UNIPORT girlfriend for ritual (Video)

I don’t pity the girl – Activist VeryDarkBlackMan on the ritualist who killed his Uniport girlfriend for ritual (Video)

VeryDarkBlackMan in a recent video has spoken on the trending conversation online where a ritualist boy killed his Uniport girlfriend for ritual purposes.

Recall intel Region had earlier reported that Police arrested a ritualist boy identified as Collins who kills his Uniport girlfriend, a 300 level biochemistry student named Justina Otuene Nkang.

Collins k!lled her, bagged her remains and was about disposing her body before he was caught.

Reacting to this, VeryDarkBlackMan said that he doesn’t pity the girl and he would never blame the guy as he asserts that society breeds the increase in the rate of Yahoo Yahoo known as ritualism as well as fraud.

He used himself as an example as he recalls how celebrities that include Carter Efe, Blessing CEO, Gistlovers, and others dragged him to filth by referring to him as dirty and poor for living in a single room.

VeryDarkBlackMan added the society doesn’t appreciate those who work legitimately and by extension the mentality has been place on younger ones who believed that Yahoo and fraud only count as they bring huge amounts of money.

He added that most girls will always be victims of ritualism as average Nigerian girl doesn’t want to hustle any longer following the pressure of society.

He added that most girls now want to settle for rich men only as they don’t see a man like him living within his means as someone that counts.

VeryDarkBlackMan further advises Nigerians to watch over their sisters and brothers as anyone can be the next victim soon while adding that not all ritualists are always caught.

He noted that Nigerians will have to learn the hard way by stopping the present mentality of seeing legit hustlers as a nobody in society.


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