I can knack for the whole day, I’m always in the m00d – BBN star Chomzy.

Former Big Brother Naija reality star, Chomzy, who recently admitted that she’s always in the urge for s3x, has caused a stir on social media.

Chomzy recently made headlines on a number of media after graduating in grand style from Imo State University. She apparently earned a political science bachelor’s degree from a prominent university.

Chomzy said that she can have s3x all day long without feeling weary in the most recent post she made on her account. She claims that when she is in a relationship, she is constantly in the urge for s3xual activity.

She wrote, “My s3x drive is high as hell. If we dating and you wonder if I’m in the m00d, I am. I always am. Let’s do it”.

BBNaija: Why I fell in l0ve with Chomzy – Eloswag

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Eloswag has spoken about his relationship with fellow housemate, Chomzy, describing it as ‘work in progress.’

While they were living in the BBNaija home, Eloswag and Chomzy appeared to be dating. The former had agreed to keep up their relationship outside of the home.

The BBNaija star recently hosted his fellow housemates at an all-white pool party in Victoria Island, Lagos, where he reaffirmed his vow and shared the reason he fell in l0ve with Chomzy.

He claimed that because he and Chimozy shared the same chemistry, it was simple for him to fall in l0ve. He continued by saying that Phyna was a buddy and by explaining why he didn’t play about in the house.

“I have a mom, and I know how it feels when women tend to lure you . I know her pain, and what not to do to hurt her. I wasn’t going to do any stupid thing while in the house, ” he revealed.

Recall that while in the house, Phyna had declared her l0ve for Eloswag, but he had said he needed a week to consider it. Eloswag informed Phyna that he was not interested after a week and that they should continue to be friends.

Even though it was intimidating for him to join the BBNaija home on the second day, Eloswag stated he had fun while it lasted when talking about his time there.

Additionally, he claimed that he always tried to be true to himself and that he never gave a damn what his fellow housemates thought of him.

Dancer and singer ex-housemate on being kicked out of BBNaija house: “I didn’t feel any indifference when I was kicked out of the house,” he says.” It was more of a fun time for me.”

He added, “I like going for adventures. It was a different adventure for me, something like relating with new people in a space that you have never been before.

”There were tasks, and I put in all my effort in winning the Head of House because if I didn’t win I might be evicted from the house. Before entering the house, I had a YouTube channel, and I have experienced this kind of lifestyle where people tend to bash you a lot, even when you are doing something good, they tend to bring you down. This is actually what I wanted. I’m really enjoying it while it lasts,’ the 25-year old reality star said.

Eloswag said, “I wanted other housemates to have direct s3x in the home,” when asked why he opted to hide all the c0ndoms that were all over the BBNaija house.

Eloswag claimed that his housemates were using the c0ndoms while acting pious, which is what prompted him to hide the c0ndoms.

“Housemates were acting like saints to one another. Because I wanted them to experience it unedited, I packed c0ndoms. The c0ndoms were actually hidden in the house by me. The c0ndoms weren’t being used since no one wanted to. They were acting pious, so I told them that someone needed to act without using c0ndoms, said Eloswag, who was booted from the show in the last week.