I am the apple of my husband’s eyes Judy Austin highlights her unique qualities which endeared Yul Edochie to her

Judy Austin, a Nollywood actress and Yul Edochie’s second wife, has proclaimed herself to be her husband’s favorite person. The actor’s wife posted a list of her special traits on her Instagram page as she approached her birthday tomorrow.

Judy Austin referred to herself in various ways, including as the best sister and wife and the most beautiful woman in the entire world.

She said that since she has a heart that forgives, she is able to overcome challenges and let her light shine. Judy went on to declare that she is the toughest woman she knows.

“Her Excellency. Ijele Nwanyi. Okwuluokalisia. The most beautiful woman in the eod. Beautiful In and Out. God’s precious Gift to this world. An Angel with a Heart of Gold.

Apple of her husband’s eyes. The best Mother in the word. The best sister and daughter to her family. The most loyal and caring friend. An EAGLE that is rarely seen but much be adored whenever she steps out!!

The heart that forgives so her light continues to SHINE and overcome every. obstacles thrown at it. The STRONGEST woman I know!! And the list goes on… Oh wow I love you Strong woman. Above all, God loves me too much. 31st Dec Queen…”.

Judy Austin brings up her marital status to criticism. Judy Austin reportedly reminded the public of her marriage status to Yul a few days ago, according to a report.

Judy Austin inquired on her Instagram page about her followers’ enjoyment of the holiday season. As Her Excellency Judy Austin Yul Edochie, Judy was sure to emphasize to the world that she is still married to Yul Edochie.

“Her Excellency Judy Austin Yul-Edochie. This Christmas is already looking too sleek!!! I hope are catching fun???”. Yul Edochie takes down Judy Austin’s photos from his Instagram page

This happened after reports surfaced that her marriage to Yul Edochie was in jeopardy after he removed her Instagram posts. As admirers observed that the beleaguered actor had removed all of Judy Austin’s images, there were reportedly problems at home between Yul Edochie and his second wife.

Yul removed all images of Judy Austin in an effort to persuade his first wife, May Edochie, following his long-awaited public apologies. When SM checked his Instagram page, she found only images of their kid Star Dike and the post announcing the birth.

Could there be a possible split from the couple?? Only time will time. Yul’s move came after he tendered a public apology to May Edochie.