How I stopped writing unchristian drama stories – Mike Bamiloye

mike bamiloye

President of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evang. Mike Bamiloye has shared how God helped him stop writing unchristian literary drama and poetic pieces to writing gospel scripts.

In a lengthy post shared on his Facebook page some days ago, the gospel drama minister recounted how he was moved to surrender himself to be used by God during a church convention he attended.

According to him, he was challenged to also be used by God witnessing a music ministration by a woman and how God moved mightily. Writing further, Evang. Mike Bamiloye noted that after he had prayed and cried to God to help him, God told him that he was going to use him only if he’s ready to submit his gifts for the use of the gospel only.

He agreed, not long after, he continued to do against his promises to God to the extent that some publishers wanted his secular pieces published considering how creative and captivating they were.

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“A very well-known music minister was called upon to come out and minister to us in song several years ago, before I became the ministry, during our church convention. I was standing outside the enormous church building on that Sunday morning.”

“She got up there, took the microphone, and started singing. The presence of God quickly ignited the entire area.”

“There was no longer room inside the church for people to sit, so I and many others were standing outside.”

“The voice of that woman rent the sacred chamber of the huge hall that morning because the anointing was so strong among the congregation.”

“I could not help but cry out in tears as I listened to the melodies she sung, pleading with the Lord, “LORD, you are using a woman, use me too.” I’d want to help you. Use me as well. I was sobbing and praying only this when I suddenly heard His voice rising up from within me.”

He spoke to me clearly, “I will use you, if you surrender your gift at my feet.” My Gift, that was the issue at hand. The Gifts. I had a knack for writing.

“I also authored novels and theatrical scripts. However, a lot of the writing I did at that time was non-Christian literature.”

“When the Lord spoke to me that morning, my thoughts immediately turned to the theatre scripts I had recently written, which had only moral and theatrical secular themes rather than Christian narrative.”

“That morning I heard Him ordering me to cease using my gift of writing to write anything I pleased. If I would enter into a covenant with Him to only utilize my writing abilities for His glory, I could hear Him speaking to me softly and persuadingly, telling me that He would use me beyond my wildest dreams.”

“He told me to go pack up all those uninspired non-spiritual drama and novel scripts, toss them aside, and start writing for Him right away.”

“I was crying for that reason. I sobbed in prayer that God would use me in a similar way as the singer. When I was instructed to cease writing everything I was writing if I wanted to be used by God, I started crying.”

“I didn’t want to quit producing those theatrical dramatic works or those action-packed, suspenseful books that gave the Heavens no benefit.”

“I cried out to the Lord that morning and made a vow to him that I would no longer write literary theater and poetry that were contrary to Christianity. I committed to giving my gift to God for His use.”

“But I quickly turned around and headed back. Creating those novel, poetry, and theatrical works once more. I felt as though I was addicted to the drugs I was using to write those plays, poetry, and novels.”

“I resembled a drunk who was dependent on alcohol. I would write until my fingers started to hurt, at which point I would sit down and dictate to someone else who would then type what I had written. As a result, I started writing what I had promised God I would not write again.”

“I adopted to please God or to persuade Him otherwise. Another tactic: I started composing Bible stories in theatrical form with conventional secular themes, devoid of any allusions to God or any lessons on religion.”

“One of these tales was the tale of David and Uriah, which was written in the style of a traditional battle drama and omitted any mention of God, the Bible, or anything spiritual.”

“One renowned educational publishing business graded the script as acceptable and authorized it for the 100 level University Yoruba Literature Class because it became so theatrical and scholarly. Two additional ones were already in service by different publishing houses as proofreaders.”

“I was fixated on this present. To me, it had turned into an idol. It was challenging for me to lay it at Christ’s feet. I was unable to comply with what the Lord was asking of me.”

“Even though I was a sincere Christian and a child of God, I enjoyed composing plays and poems that had nothing to do with Christ or the Kingdom of God.”

“The devil would use the published books to disparage my ministry later in life, and He would not be able to do what He wanted to do in my life and ministry, the Lord told me in a dream. So, I obeyed Him and went urgently to withdraw those scripts from the publishing companies that had offered and prepared to publish them.”

“In my dream, he made clear the urgency. I had recently planned a play Ministers Conference and had just finished instructing numerous individuals on how to write gospel play for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.”

“I had sent those scripts to the publishing houses, and they were free to publish them whenever they wanted. By the time they arrived, I had already started my ministry and been in it for four or five years.”

“I informed my wife when I got up in the morning that I had to go to those publishers. One of the Publishing Directors who was in charge of that specific script was there when I went and we spoke.”

“She was a woman, and I explained to her why I was there. I had come to take my script out of print. I never sought a subsequent publication of it. She made an effort to sway me, but I refused. She claimed to be a Christian as well, yet the script contained no offensive language.”

“I stood by my stance. Finally, she gave up and promised to submit the manuscript to me while bringing up the issue with management. She gave me a document to sign before I walked out of the room.”

“I received the script back a week later. I felt at ease. I afterwards prayed to the Lord, “I hereby submit all of my gifts at your feet.” All of that was said.

“Have I not written better theater scripts for the Lord today? Have I not produced fantastic theater scripts for the Kingdom of God? While I may not be well-known as a writer today, I am well-known both inside and outside of Nigeria as a drama minister.”

“Because of this, God places gifts in people’s lives for the purpose of expanding His kingdom; they are not intended to be used for personal enjoyment or to be used however they like.” #mikebamiloye