“Hope for the bald!” – Barber stuns many as he transforms man’s look with artificial hair makeover

Barber stuns many as he transforms man’s look with artificial hair makeover

Recently, a man with bald spots went to the “Geometric Barber,” where mathematical accuracy and synthetic hair were used to give him a fresh, alluring appearance.

The outcome of this creative haircut has received a lot of positive feedback on social media.

The Geometric Barber, renowned for his unusual and mathematically inspired haircuts, carefully measured the regions to be covered with fake hair before applying an adhesive for a snug fit.

In a video that was posted on the barber’s social media pages, the procedure showed a man with balding patches sitting still while the barber performed his magic.

To establish the necessary area for the artificial hair, a precise calculation was required in the first phase.

Following the completion of these calculations, an adhesive was utilized to firmly attach the fake hair to the predetermined bald places.

The fake hair was neatly and attractively clipped with clippers by the barber to complete the look.

However, despite the overwhelming praise for this innovative approach, some TikTok users raised concerns about the durability of the artificial hair in wet conditions.

They wondered whether the artificial hair might not hold up in the rain or while swimming, potentially leading to an embarrassing situation if it were to come loose.

Netizens Reactions..

@watto said; “A true artist. Although, the customer doesn’t show a smile of appreciation.”

@lordmasali said; “Let’s go swimming.”

@Winnie commented; “This is the same barber who was not barbering on the girl with dreadlocks.”

@Anna Nduna said; “We are in trouble now. The tables have turned.”

@Sasha Baby commented; “Was the Pythagoras theorem really necessary?

@Jaymo said; “How long does it remain in the head before coming out?”

@Janie Hatcher said; “This is Impressive!”

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