He’s all grown – Fans reacts to heartwarming moment singer, Flavour reunited with his adopted son (Video)

Flavour reunited with his adopted son

Online hearts have been warmed by a famous video of Flavour and his adoptive kid, Semah, from Nigeria.

The singer of “Game Changer” posted a video of his touching reunion with his adopted son, Semah, on his Instagram page.

It was indeed a beautiful sight to witness the visually handicapped Liberian singer and the singer, who the singer had adopted as a youngster years earlier, reunite. The visually impaired singer had matured into a handsome young man.

Semah kissed and massaged Flavour’s face in the video as they hugged. Semah, on the other hand, was put into an emotional tizzy by the reunion and was photographed sobbing as Flavour patted him on the back.

Nigerians react to actress Destiny Etiko adopting gateman’s daughter

Nigerians have commented on a video of Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko claiming custody of her gateman’s daughter on social media.

On Wednesday, Destiny announced this on her Instagram page. She said that the Hausa girl she had just adopted wouldn’t be a brat, a jerk, a snob, or a backbiter.

Many Nigerians criticized her for inventing the claim in order to get her lawfully adopted daughter, Chinenye Eucharia, in the spotlight.

constance_djeukeu said, “Yes she won’t because you will train her your own way which you think is good equally the child’s parents too have a vital role to play. if they are loyal to you there is a high possibility that she will and vice versa.

adaobi_amadi said, “I don’t know if this is about the other girl…But as someone who has been teaching in secondary school for almost a decade, I can tell you that, sometimes teenagers tend to ‘grow wings’ and start thinking they’ve seen it all.

“Give it a couple of years, they’ll grow older and life will teach them, so they’ll come back. I say this from a depth of experience.

“The little girl is still following you, your pictures and videos together with her are still on her page but you don run unfollow her, calling her names so people will hater and not help her anymore. That’s so wrong of you. You’re always having issues with your co actresses, now na little girl.

samuelamuche said, “I don’t like judging people mami destiny , what if she was your daughter will you throw her away …I.believe nenye will still grow up.

r___marie said, “Sorry to hear this. Mistakes happen, she might have flipped on a bad day, teenager get mood swings. Also, you mentioned something about back biting, sometimes people can lie to destroy relationships, I don’t think everyone was happy to see you both together.

“From the look of things your daughter loved and appreciated you. Let love win, even married couples fight here and there but that doesn’t always lead to divorce. My prayer for you both is to reunite.

rose_splashy said, “Madam rest, you’re doing everything possible for people to hate this girl. you helped someone doesn’t mean you’ll always command them to do things the way you want. And when they try to tell you they’ve their own mind to decide una go tag am disrespectful.

In other news, Mrs. Obot Etuk, a former Nollywood actress who is now a pastor, cautioned people against underestimating their parents’ achievements whenever they had the chance to deliver a victory speech.

Ms. Etuk stated in a post on her Instagram page that people should never take advantage of the opportunity to acknowledge the sacrifices made by their parents by downplaying their work and implying they came from nothing.

In her letter, she advised the winners to never disparage their parents’ efforts by claiming they raised them from nothing in their victory speeches. They could only afford whatever you had back then. They did so out of love for you. Make them feel better by praising them. Remember, we reap what we sow.”