“He di€d at his matrimonial home long before his real d€ath ” — Mohbad’s father alleges (VIDEO)

The father of the late musician, Mohbad, has come forward to accuse his daughter in law, Omowunmi of controlling his son until his death.


Omowunmi who was the wife of the singer and mother of the son was also accused of having a hand in his death following chats leaked between the couple.


Only lately, she has been forced to undergo a DNA test to confirm Mohbad’s paternity of their son Liam, which came out positive.


Today, Mohbad’s father was claiming that his son loved him but didn’t do much for him or try to take care of him.


He called Mohbad a walking dead corpse as a result of thinking too much in his matrimonial home.

He went as far as saying there was a time the late singer even threatened to throw his son into a river.

Mohbad’s father accused his daughter-in-law of stealing his son’s money when he slept at night, also using black magic to control the young man so that he spent more money on herself and her family.

Sharing the video clip by all_viral_blog, the blog captioned;

“Mohbad was a walking d€@d in his own matrimonial home while alive before he officially D#€d,there was a time Mohbad threatened to Trow “Light” (the child) allegedly into a river.

Mohbad also revealed that he never had peace of mind from his wife and that he always get rejected at shows and that even when he returns home.

Wunmi his wife will secretly log into his banking app while Mohbad is sleeping and Transfer money into her own account.


The father Of Mohbad,further revealed speaking in Yoruba translated into English that Regardless of how much Mohbad loved him,

Mohbad never took care of him or even buy for him a single block to raise a foundation,he also revealed that Mohbad’s wife uses black magic (Vodoo) on Mohbad which compelled Mohbad to do good things for Wunmi and her family and have total control over Mohbad.


He concluded saying, with all these Mohbad was already a walking corpse and that for Mohbad to wanting to trow his own child into a river,

there’s every reason to doubt the paternity of the child, even after Wunmi provided an Dna test result yesterday to claim Mohbad is the father of the child.


Watch video here:

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