‘He caught one, one caught millions’ – World celebrates man who led Pastor Kumuyi to Christ in 1964

man who led pastor kumuyi to christ

The world has given the man who led the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F Kumuyi to Christ 59 years ago at standing ovation to appreciate him to winning one to save many.

Today, 14th of August, 2023, as the Christian community celebrate Deeper Christian Life Ministry as they clock 50 years of existence with impact, Pastor Kumuyi also acknowledged Baba Dosumu who led him to Christ in 1964.

According to some twitter users who shared the iconic image, Pastor W.F Kumuyi introduced Baba Dosumu to the leaders of DCLM at the 50th Anniversary Luncheon as the man who led him to Christ and also nurtured him till he was established in faith.

Sharing the photo of Pastor W.F Kumuyi and Baba Dosu, the twitter user captioned;

“This is the person who introduced Pastor W.F. Kumuyi to Christ in 1964 and guided him through the process of becoming a firm believer. Baba Dosumu is his full name.

To be honored in paradise for his deeds, Baba Dosunmu didn’t need to preach to countless numbers of people.

All he did was lead one person to faith in Jesus, who just so happened to be W.F. Kumuyi, and the rest is history. Baba Dosunmu indirectly led millions of people all across the world to Christ.

No matter if you have a pulpit or not, share the gospel with the individual sitting next to you. That is all that paradise need. God be with us everyone. Amen”

Senior Man captured some captioned attached to the legendary image taken with the two icons in it.

Obidient son of God; Powerful. My Paste will always say you don’t know who that soul you win today will turn out to be tomorrow. We are all seeds. You are either a raw seed (Pupilt ministers) or a packed seed as fruits (market place ministers).

Machara of kingslanding: When Pastor WF was excommunicated from the Apostolic Church, Pa Dosumu followed him so as to motivate him to remain in the faith. He later became the 1st choirmaster of the DLBC.

geggro123: My elder brother got converted to CHRIST in secondary school by Pastor W.F. Kumuyi and senior bro heavily influenced my initial baby steps as a born-again. Omo, this life! The WORD of the LORD GOD is truly alive…

okeakinola: The salvation and healing of just one man, brought a whole Decapolis to Jesus Christ. We won’t be tired preaching the gospel.

salimonu: That’s the simple definition of fulfilling purpose… Just do what God has sent you to do. There is no need for competition

faithnyamma: This is amazing. I wish we had more of this kind of posts. Because this amazing people need to be recognized more

emmycrypto: Director dosumu is what we call him in school then  I went to his school at Alimosho Elias and all I can tell you is this man preaching Monday morning assembly shaped my life one way or two and at his age his singing is just 10/10

Queen Hadassah: This is the man that led PASTOR W F KUMUYI to Christ in 1964, and mentored him till he was established in the faith. His name is Baba Dosumu. What a living Hero