Friends mourn young man who was k!lled by gunmen two days to his traditional wedding in Anambra

Izuchukwu Charles Igweka, a young Nigerian guy, was reportedly shot dead by unidentified assailants two days before his customary wedding in Anambra State.

The incident reportedly took place on January 5, 2023, about 10 p.m. in Ukpor Town, Nnewi South Local Government Area of the state.

Prior to the terrible event, Izuchukwu and his hearthtob, Chinenye Linda Chukwuchekwa, were scheduled to marry in a traditional ceremony on January 7 in Ezekwuabo-Otolo Nnewi.

Since then, friends and family have used social media to express their sorrow over his tragic passing. Obi Chibuike Charles, one of his companions, claimed that they were all present when the shooters assaulted them.

“It’s very hard to type goodbye bro but God knows the best, Nigeria has happened to you and Nigeria has failed you bro. Full of life yesterday, today you’re been laid to mother earth. my bro I just wish you can wake and tell me it’s all a prank because we have many things to achieve together, Ichie I’m sorry that yesterday when unknown gunmen attacked us I couldn’t do anything.

“We have survived many things together and they choose to take you away from me, your traditional marriage is coming up next tomorrow which is 7th and we have planned on how to shut down as usual but they came yesterday and took your life forcefully.

What more can I say to a brother and friend like you at this point if not farewell. Turnfire I’ll choose you over and over and over again because you’re too good to be a human.Rest well my brother till we meet to part no more. I love you bro forever”. Obi wrote.

In a related news, a future groom, According to reports, Mr. Samuel Yarling of Lamingo, Jos, passed away on the day of his wedding, devastating his fiancée and both families.

Following the groom’s unexpected passing, the wedding, which was scheduled for March 21 at the ECWA Church Seminary, had sent two families into mourning.

According to the family, Miss Helen Weze, a nurse who was engaged to late Yarling and was due to marry him, is currently being treated at the Bingham University Teaching Hospital (BHUT) after going into shock upon learning of her soon-to-be husband’s passing.

According to a family member interviewed by News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Yarling was a vibrant man before his tragic passing.

He disclosed that at around 12 in the morning, he and the deceased groom went to his sister’s home to pick up the wedding outfit, and while there, he fell to the ground and received a minor head bruise.

He claimed that while they were on their way to their guest house, where they would spend the night, his bruising was treated at a local patent medicine store.

Further recounting, the informant claimed that the late Yarling started to violently vomit an hour or so after their arrival at the guest house.

He said that it prompted him to dial 911, and after being transported to Bingham University Teaching Hospital for treatment, it was determined that he had passed away.

He described his death as shocking and painful because late Yarling continued telling him he was alright before everything changed and he passed away in his arms, he regarded his death as sudden and agonizing.

According to a friend of the deceased who talked to NAN, the deceased was busy on Friday but went to bed late to finish up arrangements for the following day.

When NAN contacted the police, ASP Uba Agaba, the police’s PRO, said that although the death had not been recorded, they would look into the situation. (NAN)