Evang. Mike Bamiloye reveals one of the reasons for increased divorce, separation and domestic violence rates

Truth be told, the rate at which couple now exchange vows and also sign documents that validates their induction into the sacred institution of marriage is now the same as the rate at which couple rush to court for legal splitting.

Decades ago, divorce was quite shameful as many see it as a stigma but now, people are proud to be called a divorce and hide under the excuse of coming out of abusive marriage is far better than ending with the marriage.

Within six months of being in the marriage, they prefer a split and this had raised a concern in the society especially by those who value the institution of marriage and understand that it is made of two imperfect person following Jesus to be perfect.

Few hours ago, Evang. Mike Bamiloye has shared one of the reasons the rate at which marriages now get dissolved especially in this 21st century.

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According to Evang. Mike Bamiloye, one of the reasons for increased divorce, separation and domestic violence rate is choosing partner with physical eyes.

In the lengthy post he made on his Facebook page, the actor channeled his advice to ladies that they should seek God first and He will settle their marital.

Speaking further especial ladies who are desperate to settle down thereby selling themselves cheap for men to notice, he said they can only make choices with their physical eyes instead they should allow God help them choose.

He added that it is only God that knows a man well.

He further prayed that God will by His mercy help those who have made the wrong choices and also help the singles not to fall into the hands of the wrong person.

In his words;

LADIES, DONT LOOK FOR THEM! LADIES, don’t look for them, Look for Jesus and love Jesus, JESUS will lead the RIGHT MAN to you. LADY, SEEK JESUS CHRIST AND BE SUBMERGED in HIM, He knows the Man He had Reserved for you, HE WILL LEAD HIM TO YOU.

Don’t look for him . Don’t bother yourself impressing the wrong Man. Your eyes can only see the physical man

But Only the Lord who made you knows the right Man He made for you. LADIES! Know your God first, Serve Him with all your Heart, AND HE WILL GUIDE YOU TO THE MAN WHO WILL LOVE YOU AND CHERISH YOU AND MAKE YOU FULFILL PURPOSE.

Too many Divorces now rampant. Too many separation now common. Too many domestic violence now around us, Because we choose with physical eyes and infatuation and Bubble Love!

Ladies, stay in the Lord, And you will not fall into the hand of a Mad Man!