I tap into the Grace of Longevity : 101-Year-Old Man shows off his 81-year-old daughter (Video)

Users of TikTok are responding favorably to the video of an old guy and his daughter. The man’s present age of 101 was made known in the video that @babylove20000000 posted on the platform.

Surprisingly, it was also discovered that the man’s daughter, who also made an appearance in the video, is 81 years old right now.

A viral video of an elderly guy and his elderly daughter The dad had his daughter when he was 20 if, as said in the video, he is 101 and she is 81.

Both of them could be seen strolling and chatting merrily in the video. The elderly guy who shared the video’s relative urged viewers to embrace the benefits of aging.

The video has since gone viral and got many views and comments from TikTok users. Watch the video below:

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Reactions from TikTok users @user91165304566740 said: “Amen! I received it in Jesus’ name.” @Edna reacted: “I tap from it in Jesus’ name Amen.”

@floweritohan reacted: “Lord please keep me and my children safe in Jesus’ name.”

@ceciliachidokwe said: “I tap to these great blessings in my life and family… myself… husband…. children…. siblings and parents….IJN.”

@Pat_bliss said: “Lord Jesus please keep me alive like this in Jesus’ name amen.”

@user2578442348350 said: “l received this blessing to my household in Jesus’ mighty name Amen.” @Lizabeth baby commented: “I tap into their blessings.”

@user6361579373181 said: “Lord this is my prayer for me and my husband. Congratulations papa and mama.”


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