Businessman And Chairman of Almubee Group Gifts Mohbad’s Wife N2M, Offers Son Scholarship.


Mohbad’s wife receives N2 million from Mubarak Abuche, the chairman of the Almubee Group in Nigeria, who also offers their son a scholarship for kindergarten through university.

The businessman sent the grieving family a consoling gift in the midst of the chaos caused by the singer’s passing.

In an Instagram story post, Big Smart, a well-known event host, corroborated the allegation by stating that he had contacted the businessman, who was helpful and gave Mohbad’s wife the $1,000 gift.

Almubee, the car dealer, also extends a scholarship up to the university level to the couple’s five-month-old baby.

Supporters of Mohbad have already expressed their gratitude to the chairman of the Almubee Group for the kind gift after being moved by it.

Reacting to the post;

Naza Okafor said; “Thank you for the money oo, but you for start with primary/secondary school scholarship firs just saying oo.”

Official Starlette pondered; “Why all the phony love, . Una is told by Mohbad’s wife that she needs money. Now that he is no longer, nobody came through for him, and you all are sending money”

Ese Okogba; “Thank God!, she should simply leave the nation with her infant in tow”

Europe wrote, “Anything done for this lady or the son should be in private before the family starts another drama.”