’Before now, Heaven recognized only two gospel movies’ – LIGOFEM President makes shocking revelation

Heaven recognizes only two gospel movies LIGOFEM President makes shocking revelations Olaniyi Samuel Oladiran

The President of Light of God Faith Ministries (LIGOFEM), Evang. Olaniyi Samuel Oladiran who is presently on a mission field at Kaduna State, Nigeria, has made a shocking revelation during a live Facebook video he made this morning.

Olaniyi Samuel Oladiran is an Ibadan based gospel drama minister and missionary who is more dedicated to stage ministration and moving around villages alongside his wife to win souls for Christ through stage drama.

Few days ago, Evang. Olaniyi Samuel Oladiran encouraged gospel drama ministers to revisit their core assignment especially those who are into gospel filmmaking even when God has called them into stage drama ministry.

According to him, no matter the dedication, it is a fruitless effort to work on what God has not called them into.

He warned gospel drama ministers who have left what God has committed into their hands for another person’s assignment to take heed and return back to their assignment.

Ligofem President also sent three distinct messages to the founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evang. Mike Bamiloye on Love, Unity and Restitution.

This morning, Evang. Olaniyi Samuel Oladiran in a live video revealed that gospel drama ministers needs to pray more for love and unity, and also pray against some powers of dominance who is doing everything possible to resist others from growing.

Citing some examples while explaining why unity and love must find root amidst drama ministers, he said the reason why Jagun Jagun made it to the mouth and whitelist of Christians and non-Christians is because the secular filmmakers are always united even if they combat verbally on social media.

He added that gospel drama ministers can produce more potent movie for the kingdom only if they are in unity. According to him, disunity and hatred that has found their roots are few of the reasons why gospel drama ministers may not be able to produce anything better than Esin Ajoji no matter how hard they try.

He further revealed that only two gospel movies are recognized in heaven and these movies are ‘Esin Ajoji and Agbara Nla’ as at the time God spoke to him on the influence of some gospel movies.

In his words;

“Love is amidst Secular actors no matter how they quarrel, once a producer notices that an actor fits a role, they call on the person, but gospel drama ministers have gotten their misunderstanding to the level of avoiding each other. Is this how we want to continue such that our movies/messages will look like that of Esin Ajoji.

God said he recognizes only two messages among drama minister back then, but we are not sure of this generation, AGBARA NLA & ESIN AJOJI.

Compare the love among drama ministers when Agbara Nla and Esin Ajoji were shot compare to now, love binds secular movie makers together and they can do the unimaginable if they wish to. Satan has diverted our messages and revelations to them. We have misplaced a lot of good things.

Secular released a movie recently, the way we endorsed the movie, is that the way we also endorse gospel movies and person ministry/vision God has committed into our hands? JAGUN JAGUN.

Someone said drama ministers can never make a movie like that, we can make it only if we are united.

The love and unity that is no longer amidst us has made our vision become someone else’s vision.”

Esin Ajoji is a project by ANCEDRAM SOUTHWEST involving all ministries within Osun State, Oyo State, Ekiti State, Ondo State and Lagos State. The movie was written by Evang. Mike Bamiloye and co directed by Evang. Sola Mike Agboola. while….

“Agbara Nla” was released in 1992 while “Ultimate Power” (an English version) was released in 1994, written and directed by Mike Bamiloye movie, the movie made the term “Ayamatanga” a popular one.

Evang. Olaniyan Samuel Oladiran further encouraged gospel drama ministers to do the needful by coming together as one so that their works would be fulfilled.