I have had two ab0rtions – Phyna of BBNaija acknowledges in shocking revelation

Josephine Ijeoma Otabor, also known as Phyna, who won Big Brother Naija’s “Level Up” competition, has made some stunning admissions about her private life.

The BBN winner admitted to having many ab0rtions in a series of Twitter rants. Phyna said this while becoming physical with some trolls who were trying to compare her to Beauty Tukura, a cast member who had been disqualified.

In response to a troll’s claim that Beauty was both her father and mother, Phyna sent them happy mother’s day wishes. Another troll attacked her string of ab0rtions while attempting to make fun of her.  “Wish I can say the same to you but bc you’re an ab0rtionist I’ll just sush…”

Responding, Phyna admitted that she has done ab0rtion, however, she doesn’t keep sugar daddies, neither does she force men to sleep with her. “Yes I have had 2 ab0rtions but I don’t do sugar daddies and force small small boys to sleep with me and hoeing around with disease at least I am not barren due to drugs”.

Phyna lashes at Daniella’s brother over claims of having ‘toxic fans’

Popular reality personality Phyna gets into an argument with Daniella’s coworker Roosevelt over allegations that her audience is toxic.

Roosevelt voiced his concerns about the 2022 BBNaija winner’s supporters on the microblogging site Twitter. “Phyna nation did this. @unusualphyna knew this was going on and decided to say nothing out of anger for her own. Because we don’t have much a voice. People forget where they started from. God is in control.

Ridiculous, toxic fans, and people. You left a reality show game. Leave and doing nonsense carrying beef. Very immature,” Roosevelt wrote. In response, Phyna lost her composure and called Daniella’s brother a bastard while berating him for attacking her admirers.

“You just a [email protected] of a thousand father, e be like say crase dy your head, you miserable failed human, just not let me catch you one day all I ever did was love your sister and you come here dy tag me to nonsense e be like thunder wan strike you this night,” she wrote.

Daniella’s brother expressed his surprise at the reality star’s unexpected response after seeing the outburst in the comment area.

”Never insulted you nor your fanbase. Im glad you know how too address something,” he noted.